Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gadmei UTV258 Internal USB TV Card Software Driver

 Gadmei UTV 258E Driver Software Driver Download Free
Software Installation Instruction
For achieving better performance, please upgrade
your operating system to Windows XPI Vista32/ Win7.
Automatic Installation
Insert USB TV Card to the USB2.0 port on PC via USB
cable, and insert the software CD to CD-ROM, then
the installation wizard will appear automatically. If the
Autorun function of your system is disabled, the
installation wizard will not appear. Then you should
browse the CD and double click autorun.exe. .
The installation wizard contains four contents as follow:

Direct 9.0: install Direct 9.0.
Install: Install driver and TV Home Media2.
Browse CD: Access the content of the CD.
Exit: Exit the installation.
Click “Install” and follow the on screen instructions to
install the software.
After you have completed installing the software, right click
“My computer‘ - “Management” - ‘Device Manager‘ -
“Audio, Video and Game Controller” to check that “USB TV
Device‘ appears on the screen.
Note: after installation of application software, a tray
icon [ "W" ] will appear on the bottom right corner of
the screen (Do not disable Schedule.exe from Task
Manager, because it is for the use of remote control). To
re-enable Schedule.exe after exit, click [ *2‘ =»--- ] in
software installation directory.




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