Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tech-Com SSD-TV-812PLUS TV 811Ver3 Tuner Driver Download

 Tech-Com SSD-TV-812PLUS TV 811Ver3 Tuner Driver Download
tv-811 ver:2 drivers Download
Hemmed in a shiny piano-finish plastic case with a chrome border sits a TV tuner that connects to your computer using the standard USB port and converts your PC into a full-fledged new age TV with the ability to capture screenshots, record from live TV , or Time Shift in your favorite program and did I mention it's small enough to fit in your palm?
The tuner features CATV input, Multiple input port, a USB port, and a Line-Out port. It also features a slim, nearly full function remote that looks like a replica of the remotes we used to get with Creative CD ROMs.

 tv-811 ver:2 drivers Download






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