Saturday, May 25, 2013

Techcom Internal TV Tuner Card Ssd-tv-670 Plus FM Driver Software Download Mediafire

  Techcom Internal TV Tuner Card Ssd-tv-670 Plus FM Driver Download Free
Specifications : SSD-TV-670 PLUS FM TV Capture Card with FM uses PHILIPS 7130 chipset, which is a newly built-in TV card integrating FM radio and TV receiver. You can watch, listen to and record TV programs (up to 136 channels) and FM radio on PC. The powerful attached software enables you to set and rename your favorite channels. Moreover, the remote control makes watching TV through PC more convenient. Through SSD-TV-670 PLUS FM, you can transfer and save the video captured from VCR, camcorder, PC camera or other video sources into hard disk, and burn it to VCD/SVCD/DVD by a CD burner. It supports snapshot, you can capture pictures to create your digital photo album, and share your works with your friends and family via Internet.
Included Accessories : "
SSD-TV-670 PLUS TV Tuner Card



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