Thursday, July 4, 2013

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4 Free Download

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4 Free Download
DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4 Make .iso, *.mds/*.mdf and *.mdx images of CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs
Protect images with password
Make a compressed disc image or split the image to several files
Advanced Imaging Features
Create or edit images with powerful Image Editor
Burn created images to media discs
Burn images with RMPS data
Convert images from all supported formats to *.mdf/*.mds, *.mdx
Compose your own images of selected type (CD/DVD disc) with preferred file system (ISO9660, ISO9660+Joliet, UDF)
Master bootable discs or images.

How To Install 

1. Install application using the provided installer(in the set up folder”"DTPro4100218Advanced”).
2. Don’t run it until you rename and put the FULL(Full is the name of the folder which contains 2 files)in installed dir.(installed dir” your c:programfiles:dameon’s folder)
3. First, rename the original cryptapi.dll to cryptapi_.dll
4. Then, put the supplied FULL cryptapi.dll and dtprohlp.dll
5. Run application and register with your own email and name.
6. The application will be activated offline and the key will be generated based
on your hardware id


  1. Download and Extract Data with WinRAR 
  2. Password=www.gulammujadad.com



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