Thursday, July 4, 2013

VistaGlazz 1.2 Free Download

VistaGlazz 1.2 Free Download ,VistaGlazz 1.2 Free Download ,VistaGlazz 1.2 Free Download
VistaGlazz 1.2 This is app is extremely simple, but performs an essential and possibly complicated task for Windows Vista customizers. It patches several DLLs that control Vista’s appearance so that users can alter Vista to their liking. It’s also freeware, making it a viable workaround for those who want to tweak Vista but don’t want to pay for it. It also changes Aero so that it stays in effect on maximized screens.
There’s not much else to the program. It absolutely will not work with Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidates. If you install Vista Glazz before removing the SP1 RC, simply uninstall the app and then SP1, and then reinstall the program. The interface is basic, there are no skins provided, and the EULA gives off the vague stench of unfounded fear.


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